Global Vorarlberg

A meeting and networking opportunity for internationally minded people in Vorarlberg.

Once a month they walk up the Karren or meet for other activities and invite everyone to join them.
No reservation necessary.

Global and Vorarlberg don’t seem to go together? Well, give it a little thought. There are thousands of people from all over the world living in Vorarlberg, from Nepal to Nigeria, from Germany to Greece, from the U.S. to Uruguay. And there are thousands of Vorarlbergers who lived abroad for a while, some for a very long time. Moving to a foreing country or moving back from a foreign country is challenging in many ways. One of them is finding like-minded people with similar experiences. People who like the international flair, also in Vorarlberg. This is exactly what we are trying to create, an international meeting place for internationally minded people who live in Vorarlberg for a short or a long time.
In order to get to know each other, we find it helpful do do things together, not just sit and talk. Therefore, during the warm season we go for walks together, easy walks that allow us to talk to each other and we make sure that we can get some refreshments somewhere on the way.

During the cold season we’d like to play fun games that allow us to break the ice and enjoy being together. And sometimes we do things that are typical for the area, like going to the Christmas Market or the Funken. Conversations come naturally in this kind of environment. So join us if you like. Come alone or with friends, we can guarantee an enjoyable evening.